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Braces & Supports

Custom Braces and Supports

Custom Braces and Supports

Chiromedics provides a complete line of custom and “ready to fit” braces. We carry braces for injuries to the knee, ankle, shoulder, back, wrist and hand. These braces may be for ligament injuries, over-use injuries or tendonitis. Chiromedics carries specialized braces for osteaoarthritis of the knee to help “unload” the arthritic knee to provide pain relief. These braces allow the individual to improve their activity levels and quality of life

Back Supports

Logicback TM provides support that is custom contoured to your lumbar curve. It is designed to provide total support for your entire spine. You can sit perfectly relaxed with all of your spinal discs and joints in their ideal biomechanical position. Logicback TM has been clinically proven to correct posture and reduce back pain. Logicback TM transforms and chair into an ergonomic seat.